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This working list is non-exhaustive but is a working document to support clients in various areas that I find come up in therapy. Please take what you need, and leave what is not helpful or supportive for you. Check back if you need as it will be continually updated, and feel free to share with others who might benefit from these resources. 

This is not meant to be a replacement for therapy, and may not be reflective of my personal views. 

Crisis Resources (City of Toronto)


  • Toronto Distress Centre 24 hour crisis line 416-408-4357 (408-HELP)

  • Gerstein Centre 24 hr crisis line 416-929-5200

  • Kids Help Phone 24 hour crisis line 1-800-668-6868

  • Assaulted Women’s Helpline (24 hrs) 1-866-863-0511

  • Toronto Rape Crisis Centre crisis support 416-597-8808

  • Women’s College Hospital 24hr Sex Assault/Domestic Violence care: 76 Grenville St. room 1305, 416-323-6885

  • Gerstein Centre mobile crisis team 416-929-5200

  • St. Elizabeth mobile crisis team 416-4980043

  • St. Mike’s and St. Joe’s mobile crisis teams call 911 and ask for mobile crisis team

  • Location of CAMH emergency: 250 College St.


Self-Help General 

Self Assessment Scales 

Emotion Wheels & Needs Inventory

Social Justice, Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression 


Indigenous Specific Organizations & Books 

IFS Resources 


Mindfulness & Self-Compassion 

Trauma in the Body/Somatic Psychotherapy 






Attachment, Intimacy & Relationships 





Habits & Boundaries


LGBTQ2S+, Gender & Sexuality 

For Educators, Organizations, and other Service Providers

Toronto Psychotherapists for Equity and Justice List Serv & Referral Website

This is a resource I have collaborated with a team of wonderful human beings on to gather like-minded professionals for referral  and peer-consult purposes. Here is the Code of Conduct we all have agreed to and abide by, and if you are a clinician offering services in Ontario, please feel free to join us by signing up here.   

Models of Understanding our Inner Systems & Relational Patterns

IFS model

Internal Family Systems model

Self Energy

Some qualities of Self energy

Polyvagal Chart

Understanding our bodies' stress responses based on polyvagal theory

Survive Thrive Spiral

Ruth Culver's model integrating IFS & Polyvagal theory


Somatic Experiencing Interventions for regulation

Drama triangle (karpman)

A model showing patterns of relational interactions, and how to unblend from them (Karman's model)


Somatic IFS Map

Example & Template to track your parts in a somatic way

Couple in Earthy Colors

Couples Tracking

Exploring dynamics in couples, between protective parts

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